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Business Contracts

Making Agreements In Business

Whether you have a small business you run out of your home, or have a large corporation, more than a handshake is called for when making agreements.  Not only should a contract related to your business be in writing, but you should be able to understand what it is outlining and therefore agreeing to.  This may sound silly, but many clients have admitted to entering into business agreements in the past without having understood the basics of the contract.  It is all too common, and simply not a great position in which to find yourself because business contracts can be helpful tools or burdensome constraints depending upon how they are drafted.  It is important to:

  • Accurately and completely state an agreement or understanding in order to avoid misunderstandings, disputes and unintended consequences
  • Make sure an agreement is enforceable, and
  • Provide a mechanism, other than a lawsuit, for resolving disputes should they arise.

Our business law attorneys at Platt & Westby, P.C., draft, enforce and defend business contracts in virtually all areas of civil law.  We are highly capable at negotiating and drafting contracts and agreements, litigation of contract performance disputes, and evaluation of the appropriate remedies for breached contracts.

Contracts and Business Goals Overlap

Most tasks are completed in the business world by way of contracts.  Therefore, merely having savvy knowledge of business is not enough to place you above the rest of your peers.  A good business lawyer is essential to having a successful business.  A lawyer can protect you in all contract matters from compliance with the laws of incorporation, to protecting interests of members or shareholders, to relieving your business from contract liability.  A lawyer can even negotiate on leasing space for you, regardless of “standard language” used in the contract.  The idea is to put you and your business in the best possible position.

One of the largest assets of partnering with a comprehensive attorney is to keep proactive and out of the courthouse.  Once a complaint has been filed, the damage has already been caused and all action taken from there is reactive.  Building a great relationship with a reliable attorney is capable of doing just that. In a society where we place such great weight on contracts, it is important to have an attorney working on your side and knowledgeable about your goals and your business in order to make a custom plan and assist you in preventing any harm from coming your way.

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Before an attorney can draft any agreement or contract, he or she must first listen and then question.  When your Platt & Westby, P.C. attorney is as familiar with the facts and goals of the contract as you are, then he or she will be able to suggest additions, deletions or changes and prepare a working draft agreement that will meet your needs and protect your interests.

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