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Arizona Business Law

Our Phoenix business law attorneys at Platt & Westby, P.C., provide a range of legal services to prospective business owners, small business owners, real estate professionals including investors, and business professionals, such as doctors, accountants, chiropractors and dentists.

Business Law Attorneys

Approximately 20% of our business law practice is in the area of business litigation, working to resolve disputes of all types, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Leasing disputes
  • Land use disputes
  • Real estate and property disputes
  • Buy-out/restructuring disputes
  • Business dissolutions, and nonpayment disputes.

Our business law attorneys are experienced litigators, comfortable in the courtroom and when negotiating.

The remainder of our business law practice includes three primary areas:

  • Contract law
  • Business formation
  • Debt collection

Contract Law

Our business contract law attorneys create, review, negotiate and amend for the enforcement and defense of contacts in nearly all areas related to civil law. Even a relatively simple contract can present complicated problems if not drafted with strategy and care.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that your goals are at the forefront while your interests are being protected.

Business Formation

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of business structure. The structure you choose will have important implications for how you do business, your risks in doing business and the extent of your liability. It is important to work with an experienced business lawyer to review the specific needs of your business and understand the benefits, tax structures and formalities related to each type of business structure.

Business structures include: sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations (either Sub Chapter S or C corporations), and limited liability companies.

Our Phoenix business law attorneys will help you understand all the consequences of your business formation choice. For example, some structures allow for a more casual approach with less guidelines and formalities to tend to, while others require a more formal approach.

Additionally, some business structures are created for a specific purpose and terminate upon the conclusion of that purpose, while others continue indefinitely until a formal dissolution takes place.

Once you have chosen your business structure, or rather once your business structure has chosen you depending on your goals and needs, our business lawyers at Platt & Westby, P.C., can ensure its proper formation.

We draft business formation documents, bylaws, partnership agreements, conduct trade name searches, and prepare other standard business formation documents.

A good business attorney will provide a long and healthy relationship between your business and the law. Having a reliable source to inquire with during every stage of your business is a valuable tool and we encourage you to speak with our business attorneys at Platt & Westby, P.C., to assist you with your business needs.

Debt Collection / Creditors’ Rights

Our business law attorneys work with business and professional clients to collect on debts owed to them by customers. We will represent your rights in Bankruptcy Court and promote your claims in bankruptcy. We advocate for what is right.

An agreement once made is worthy of being kept. Do not let the word “creditor” stand in the way of your rights.

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