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Chandler, Arizona Business Attorney

About Chandler:

Chandler, Arizona is a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, population as of September 2012 was estimated at 239,610 people living there. Chandler Arizona is has an influential role in city growth with Intel, including its first factory to be designated “environmentally sustainable”. Chandler is named for Dr. Alexander John Chandler who was the first veterinary surgeon in Arizona. In 2010 Chandler was named an all American city by the National Civic League, a prestigious honor and the only Arizona winner. Chandler celebrated its 100th birthday in 2012.

How Can You and Your Business Profit From an Attorney?

An attorney is an essential element to having a successful business. A good business attorney will be able to assist in almost every aspect of your business by ensuring compliance with strict incorporation laws, contract liability, protecting the interest of the members/shareholders, lawsuits, and even zoning laws. The largest asset of partnering with a comprehensive business attorney is to be proactive and thereby staying out of court. Once a complaint has been filed, the damage has been done and it is then a matter of how much it will cost your company to correct a problem that, in most cases, could have been prevented. The fact of the matter is, it will cost much more to hire an attorney to get your business out of trouble, than to hire one to keep you from getting in trouble in the first place.

Additionally, legal practice in general has become very specialized. Many sole practitioners, for example, are so specialized that they are well settled in one area but not all areas your business will need over the years of operation. Areas of knowledge and experience include (but are not limited to): getting to know your personalized business goals and needs quickly in order to assist in making decisions right away; advising in what type of business organization to form (L.L.C. v. Corporation); liability of the parties who entered into preincorporation contracts on the corporation’s behalf and how to release those individuals from liability; creating contracts for use in the regular course of your business; contracts your business considers entering into; negotiating lease agreements for space; taxes and licensing; and liability of the corporation to its employees to name a few.

Choosing an Attorney for your Business needs:

Who better to hire than attorneys who have successfully ran their own business for over 40 years? Platt & Westby, P.C. team of attorneys adhere to a strategic, personalized and traditional approach. Platt & Westby, P.C. has been serving the valley of the sun and its residents in all of their business needs for nearly half a century! Thousands of clients have found successful business advisors within the team of attorneys at Platt & Westby, P.C. We invite and encourage you to see what Platt & Westby, P.C. can do to assist you. Call to schedule an appointment in our East Valley location on Elliot Road today. 602-277-4441

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