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Interpersonal Relationship Contracts

Contracts constitute a much broader area of the law than just business or real estate contracts. Many types of contracts are personal in nature and require the attention of an attorney for enforcement or litigation. At the Phoenix, Arizona, law office of Platt & Westby, P.C., our attorneys represent clients on either side of an interpersonal contract issue.

Personal Contracts

Our attorneys handle all types of personal contract matters, such as:

  • Domestic Partnership Agreements: These contracts are for people who live together and want to share certain aspects of their lives but are not joined by marriage or a civil union.
  • Partnership Agreements: This is a contract for people looking to join in a business venture. The exact type of agreement to enter into will depend greatly on your individualized goals.
  • Family Settlement Agreements: This agreement is used to settle an estate. Whatever arrangement is decided upon must be agreed upon by all the heirs on how the estate will be distributed. This is a common tool used to overcome the rigid effects of a poorly drafted will.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: This is a contract entered into prior to a marriage or civil union where both parties disclose all of their assets and reach a decision about how their assets will be distributed in the event a separation or divorce should occur.
  • Antenuptial (Postnuptial) Agreements: This is an agreement entered into after being married, or entering into a civil union, which has the exact same effect of a prenuptial agreement in that it proscribes the arrangement of the assets of the couple in the event of a separation or divorce.
  • Property Agreements: This is a contract where people may "opt out" of the Property Relationships Act which is a default law of how property should be divided by writing your own arrangements. A prenuptial agreement is one example of this. However, the property agreement can be expressly written to apply in the event of death of one or both parties, or while the parties are still living.
  • Divorce Agreement Contracts: This is a contract used to settle the property, debts, accounts and child custody for couples who have decided on a divorce.
  • Rental Agreements: These are written form contracts entered into upon deciding to lease space whether commercial or residential. Although it is a form contract and boiler plate language is used, often times our attorneys are still able to re-write and negotiate for special considerations you would prefer to enjoy while you are in possession of the rented space.

Oral Contracts

Many personal contracts are oral. While these can be difficult to enforce, it is important that if the agreement was in fact oral, that in order to be upheld it is best to have it written down and signed as soon as possible. Our firm can help you deal with any oral contract issues that may arise.

Contact A Knowledgeable Contract Attorney

You do not have to deal with personal contract matters alone. Whether you wish to take the matter to court or negotiate with the other side outside of court, our firm can advise you on the course of action to take that keeps your best interests in mind and continues to reach the goals you have for the resolution of the case.

One of our experienced contract lawyers at Platt & Westby, P.C., can help you understand your rights and options. Contact our office or call 602-277-4441 today to schedule a complimentary initial appointment to discuss your contract concerns.

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