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Mesa, Arizona Business Attorney

About Mesa:

Mesa, Arizona history starts around 2, 000 years ago when the Hohokam people, whose name means "All Used Up" or "The Departed Ones," were the first known settlers and built the original canal system. The canals gained some notoriety by being the most sophisticated canals in the prehistoric new world. Many of these canals are still in use today! Mesa was originally called Jonesville and Fort Utah in 1877 because Daniel Webster Jones led an expedition to direct a party of people to establish a Mormon Settlement. From there Mesa grew substantially out of its native population and its settlers. In 2010 the U. S. Census Bureau reported that 439,041 people call Mesa home.

How Can You and Your Business Profit From an Attorney?

A knowledgeable and experienced attorney will guide you through nearly every facet related to your business. Having a good attorney is a key element to running a successful business. Having expertise and guidance at every stage is crucial. The role your attorney plays will vary based on your particular needs. Examples that arise with some regularity include: ensuring strict adherence to incorporation laws, contract liability issues, protecting shareholder/member interests, zoning laws and licensing.

The most beneficial asset an attorney affords a business is protecting the business from lawsuits by being proactive. Having a complaint filed against your business means there is already damage that has occurred. That means the client's time and money will be spent on restoring the harm instead of focusing on the business itself. Safeguarding your business is much more economical than repairing damage. It is overwhelming how much is spent every year in business litigation when a fraction of that could have been spent on preventative measures with a good attorney. The good news is the majority of harm is preventable. With the assistance of good counsel you yourself become more knowledgeable, you gain confidence in the business decisions you make, and more time becomes available for you to focus on being productive.

The practice of law has become quite specialized. For example, many attorneys will focus on one or two areas. However, if the demands of your particular business or situation are outside of the area of practice one specializes in, it can become frustrating being referred to another attorney who does handle that area of law. An experienced attorney should be well versed in quickly learning your unique business goals in order to better direct you from the onset.

Choosing an Attorney for Your Business Needs:

Experience is a top qualifier of attorneys in the area of business law. That's why Platt & Westby, P.C. is the premier boutique law firm to handle all your business related needs. Platt & Westby, P.C. has been in operation for 40 years. One of the reasons why Platt & Westby, P.C. has been so successful is by adhering to a personalized approach of perfecting a strategy based on the individual's needs. With several valley locations including our Gilbert office, one will be convenient for you. We invite and encourage you to schedule a confidential and free appointment to discuss your future plans today: 602-277-4441.

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