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About Mesa

Mesa, borrowing its name from the Spanish word for "table top," is the third largest city in Arizona. According to a 2010 Census, Mesa's population has risen to over 439,041 people. The Hohokam people were Mesa's original inhabitants dating back to over 2,000 years ago and brought with them the tools and knowledge that allowed them to build the original canal system. Subsequently, the Sonoran Desert was transformed into an agricultural oasis by 1100 A.D. using the Hohokam's canals delivering water to over 110,000 acres. Mormon settlers have also left an imprint on Mesa's history. As relative new comers, just arriving in 1877, the Mormons have had a large impact on Mesa that a Sacred Temple was built in 1927 to serve the local LDS community. Today, Mesa has transformed into a cultural city having several attractions including The Salt River, The Mesa Arts Center, and the Cactus League Spring Training - home to the Chicago Cubs.

What you Need to Know About Estate Planning

Estate Planning is accompanied by a difficult subject which most people tend to avoid - "What will happen when I die?" Security is found when the knowledge of a plan is in place for when one is gone. That is why choosing the right attorney is a must! The Mesa Estate Planning Lawyers at Platt & Westby, P.C., have had their doors open for 40 years working with people to formulate a plan to fit their individual needs.

Estate planning generally is to ensure you and your families' financial goals are met when you are gone. It is important to have a basic plan in place no matter your net worth. What is termed "Estate Planning" has several parts, including: a will, a trust (if your assets require one), assignment of a power of attorney, a living will or medical power of attorney.

The golden rule is everyone needs a will. A will puts the world on notice of your individual wishes for your assets when you die. Dying without a will, or "intestate" leaves you no control over the distribution of your assets and usually becomes very costly to your heirs. A will is not only a mechanism for tangible assets, but intangible assets, like who you would want to be the guardian of your children. In addition, depending on your personalized estate plan, a trust may be a good mechanism to protect your assets from creditors and lawsuits while placing conditions on the distribution of your assets. The other part of estate planning includes informing your family and heirs so there is no confusion upon your death. A good estate plan protects you, your assets and your beneficiaries. Let the experienced and skilled Attorneys at P & W analyze your personal financial needs and formulate a plan for you.

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