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Phoenix, Arizona Business Attorney

About Phoenix:

Phoenix, Arizona was founded in 1861 and incorporated as a city in 1881. The name "Phoenix" was given by Lord Darrell Duppa because it described a city born from the ruins of a former civilization. In the 1880's the railroad was the first of several events that revolutionized the economy of Phoenix. Merchandise was now able to flow through the city by rail instead of wagon. On February 14, 1912, Phoenix became the capital of the state of Arizona. Phoenix's economy shifted during World War II and became that of a distribution center, turning into an industrial city with mass production of military supplies and that brought thousands of new people into Phoenix. The next several decades brought forth more growth and became a favored tourist destination because of its climate and exotic desert setting. According to the 2010 U. S. Census Bureau 1,445,632 people called Phoenix home making it the most populous state capital in the United States.

How Can You and Your Business Profit From an Attorney?

A good business attorney makes the difference between a proactive, well-working organization and an organization that makes reactive decisions. Any business person knows that reactive decisions always take more time and cost more money. That is why taking advantage of the assistance available through a knowledgeable attorney benefits not only the business itself but your time and efforts outside of the office. Protecting the business from lawsuits is the most notable advantage an attorney can provide a business client. Again, being proactive affords the opportunity to do just that. Once a complaint has been filed damage has already occurred. Most harm is preventable with appropriate guidance.

An experienced business attorney will guide you constructively through nearly every aspect of your business. Everything from ensuring your organization adheres to strict incorporation laws, to protecting shareholder/member interests, zoning laws and contract liability - to name a few areas. The benefits continue because having an attorney affords you as the business owner more knowledge about the law which makes you more confident in your business decisions knowing you have a good guide to counsel you through any difficult situations. As a result, you will find you have more time to focus on making your business productive.

Choosing an Attorney for Your Business Needs:

Choosing the right attorney can be overwhelming. To start, it is important to understand that the practice of law has become very specialized. While specialists in some areas of law are exactly what is needed, the risk of hiring a specialist in the business arena is that they may not be able to assist you in all facets that your business will call for over the course of your career. Being referred from attorney to attorney is not an ideal position to be in. Instead it is important to qualify your attorney from the onset. An experienced attorney should be able to (including but not limited to) quickly learn your unique business goals; give advice on the type of organization that should be formed in order to promote the tax and management benefits; advise you on preincorporation contract liability if applicable; drafting contracts; negotiating contracts; negotiating lease agreements for space; taxes; licensing; and liability of the business to its employees.

It takes experience to become a true authority in the area of business law. Having been in business for 40 years, Platt & Westby, P.C. is the firm of choice for many business professionals in the valley. Platt & Westby, P.C. is a boutique firm that incorporates individualized attention to each client and perfects a strategy based on those personalized goals. The advantage of a boutique law firm is that the client is able to interact with the attorney who will be working on their case. That is something that is rarely afforded with a larger firm. Another advantage Platt & Westby, P.C. has is the attorneys are able to collaborate on difficult cases, an aspect that is missing from sole practitioners. In short, Platt & Westby, P.C. is the best of both worlds. We invite you to schedule a free and confidential appointment to discuss your future plans: 602-277-4441.

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