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Planning For & Recovering From Divorce

Going through a divorce can be one of the most emotional trying times in a person's life. Proper planning for the divorce can lead to a much more effective recovery. At Platt & Westby, P.C. we work closely with our clients to plan for their divorce and help them to recover and move forward in their lives.

Planning for Divorce

When planning for a divorce, it is important to focus on running toward a goal and not just running away from a bad relationship. Many times, although the paperwork can be severed, the emotional ties still run and are much more difficult to end. Therefore, the planning needs to include more than just an emotional goal such as "get me out of this marriage." That is why staying focused can help not only moving forward in the process but healing emotionally.

We help clients understand the types of documents that may be required for comprehensive planning, such as employment documents and tax papers. By gathering all your information, we can structure your plan and move forward with the divorce, knowing the end result we plan to reach. By staying focused on the goal, the entire process becomes much more manageable.

Recovering From Divorce

Recovering from a divorce usually depends upon the amount of planning that went into the divorce. Some of our clients recover more easily from divorce, because of their extensive planning. Others have a difficult time piecing their lives back together. Regardless of the situation you are in, our firm will stand by you during these difficult times.

We work to address any legal issues that may arise after the divorce, such as the sale or purchase of a home, bankruptcy or modifications of any family court orders including child custody and spousal support. Even if it feels like you will never recover, you will and we will give you the courage and support you need. We can help you move forward into the future by crafting plans that protect you, including prenuptial agreements for subsequent marriages and estate plans that protect what you have worked to acquire thus far.

Will I Need An Attorney?

If you and your spouse have split amicably, the process becomes much easier. Many times, if spouses can easily settle on how assets will be divided, no attorney is necessary. The divorce can be completed online by using the Maricopa County Superior Court website. You can access a self-service section which allows you to request documents for filing a divorce. Knowing whether you have a covenant or a non-covenant marriage will be important before requesting the forms.

Most times, however, a divorce is not amicable and the help of a legal professional is then needed.

Consult With A Divorce Lawyer Today

You are not alone in dealing with your divorce. A member of our family law legal team at Platt & Westby, P.C., is available to meet with you and discuss how we can assist with planning for your divorce or helping you get back on your feet after a divorce. Contact us online today or call our office at 602-277-4441 to schedule an appointment.

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