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Sun City, Arizona Business Attorney

About Sun City:

Sun City was launched as a retirement community on January 1, 1960. It had five model homes, a shopping center, and a golf course. The opening weekend drew more attention that they had planned tenfold. Time Magazine did a cover story on it. According to the 2000 U. S. Census Bureau 38, 309 people call Sun City home. Sun City is an unincorporated town in Maricopa County, and is popular with the snowbirds.

How Can You and Your Business Profit From an Attorney?

Being proactive is key to having a well-working organization. Instead of making reactive decisions, your business will be ahead of the curve allowing for a more smooth operation. The best way to keep proactive is to hire a business attorney who can guide you through almost every aspect of your business. For example, your attorney will ensure your organization adheres to strict incorporation laws, zoning laws, explains contract liability not only on contracts your business is considering entering into but also the contracts that have already been formed, advise on how to best protect shareholder/member interests - to name a few. By being proactive, your business is better protected against lawsuits. That is why a business attorney is so valuable, not only will damage be less but your costs of hiring an attorney for proactive measures are slight in comparison to hiring an attorney to mitigate damage that has already occurred.

Choosing an Attorney for Your Business Needs:

It is important to qualify your attorney from the onset of the relationship in order to avoid the possibility of being referred to another attorney in the future. Because many attorneys specialize in just one or two areas of the law, even a designated "business attorney" may be unable to adequately represent you throughout the course of your career. For example, an experienced attorney should be able to quickly learn your business goals; advise you on the type of organization to form in light of your goals; draft and negotiate contracts; negotiate lease agreements for space; taxes; licensing; buy-out (if necessary); and explain the liability of the organization to employees and the like.

Choosing an experienced attorney places you at an advantage. An experienced attorney has had an opportunity to become an authority in the business law arena and many of the "qualifiers" for choosing an attorney are automatically present. Having been in business for 40 years, Platt & Westby, P.C. has been the firm of choice for many business professionals valley wide. Platt & Westby, P.C. is a boutique firm that focuses on individualized attention to each client in order to perfect a strategy based on personalized goals. We invite you to schedule a free and confidential appointment to discuss your future plans: 602-277-4441.

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